China’s Food Problem.

“…the current foundations of China’s food and drug safety are still weak”.

So says the Chinese government’s Food and Drug Administration. The Pew Research Group followed up with the fact that 71 percent of Chinese citizens that it surveyed considered the safety of their food a “very big problem” or a “moderately big problem”. A figure that has tripled in the last 7 years.

Cecilia Tortajada, a research fellow at the Lee Kuan Yew School of Public Policy:

“Decades of focus on economic growth has ensured hundreds of millions of Chinese have now entered middle class. Now, one of the country’s priorities has to be how to overcome decades of heady economic growth without appropriate environmental considerations that have contributed to serious environmental and health problems”.

One of the people charged with making changes is Premier Li Keqiang. He told told the country’s State Council.

“Safe food is a fundamental. People want and need to know that every bite of food they take is safe to eat.”

Most experts agree that food safety is not a China-only-problem but Jianghong Meng, from the Joint Institute for Food Safety and Applied Nutrition, defines the two problems that Premier Li and his colleagues must resolve.

“One is issues with contaminants in certain products and the use of low quality ingredients in order to meet production goals or to help the profit level. Two is safety in food handling, processing and transportation.”




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